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Study Plan

This program, which is presented below, will take effect from 2017-2 for first semester students

 First Semester

Marketing Essentials 

Mathematics I


Institutional Philosophy

Henry Didion Course

Oral And Written Communication

Oral And Written Communication Techniquies

English I

Second Semester


Matematics II

Research Methodology


Creativity and Innovation in Marketing

Basic Accounting

English II

Third Semester

Product Estrategy

Sociology of Consumption

Statistics I

Theologycal Culture

Financial Mathematics

English III

Fourth Semester

Psychology of Consumption

Statistics II

Administrative and organizational Theories

Costs and Budgets


English IV

Fifth Semester

Distribution Channels Strategy

Qualitative Marketing Research 

Advertising and Public Relations


Polítical Philosophy

English V

Sixth Semester

Sales Promotion and Merchandising

Quantitative Research Marketing

Opcional Institutional Course

In-depth Course I

Complementart Optional Courses I

English VI

Seventh Semester

Constitutional and Labor Law

Branding I – Brand Strategy

Sales Management 


In-depth Course II

Complementary Optional Courses II

Eighth Semester


Branding II - Brand Measurement

Entrepreneurship and Business Plan 

In-depth Course III

Complementary Optional  Courses III

Ninth Semester

Data Mining

Strategic Marketing Management 

In- Depth Course  IV

Complementary Optional course IV

Professional/ Social Practice

Note: Below the table of the 2017 Curriculum that goes into effect from 2017-2 for First Semester Students. The 2010 Study Plan, applies to students who enrolled in the marketing program before the second academic semester 2017-2

 Table Curriculum 2017-2

 Table Study Plan  2010